Red Bull

The master of bodysurfing dares to ride Nazaré.

V I D S K I P P Y – Wie YouTube Anzeigen… Aber ohne die Kosten dafür!



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    1. Red Bull – Really? Ever seen someone who ripz?

      Or is it all about the marketing…? Glad to see some interest (though a little late since we already have a MASTER) …×059

    1. all you would see is spray like he has in his face the whole time, might aswell bodyboard…

    1. HELL Yeah…they milk BULLS
      …. Whatcha sayin‘?

    1. jtp360 I’m surprised how Darwin’s theory hasn’t taken care of you, seeing how unoriginal you are.

  1. Balls out. The new frontier. The old time surfers used to board surf as a means of preparing for body surfing as body surfing was considered the ultimate way to ride waves.

    1. I’m 67 and started body surfing at Will Rogers State Beach 1959 and later board surfing at Malibu 1963. During that time I had a chance to talk to many of the old timers including Sam Reid, the surfer who „discovered“ Malibu. Later I moved to Santa Cruz 1975 and Sam lived there and was very active in the West Side surfing scene. Sam had been a lifeguard in Santa Monica during the 1930’s. Its well known that the lifeguards were among the first surfers as they used paddle boards for rescues. But Sam said their main focus was body surfing. Board surfing did not gain mass popularity until ’59 –’60 with the release of the movie „Gidget“. About a girl learning to surf Malibu. I saw Malibu Point in 1958 and there were only a handful of surfers there.. Three years later it was chaos. And it hasn’t let up since.

    1. There is no such thing as „The Master“. Mark together with Cunninghan are good jugglers at small-waves. But when it comes to really big waves, Kalani, Joel Badina, Fredo David, Robin Mohr, JSC Mauricio LeblonFins and even Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater are better than they are.

    2. claudio werneck – Surfing /= Bodysurfing.

      Your list of heroes is whack. Mark Cunningham is a great self-promoter. But… he also qualifies for the 3°. Even Mike Cunnigham has shown plenty – and given back something to the sport.

      The rest? Mayber Laird and Kelly…but on a board until they’ve paid dues and shown a consistency and level of FROTH consistent with both a MASTER Bodysurfer, and not just as Watermen.

      Duez recordz – need to be checked – and dilgent investgations made….before any of these travels to the East @ my Temple.

  2. Mike Stewart was body surfing big Teahupoʻo years ago. Body surfing waves of consequence is nothing new…still nuts footage though and way out of my comfort zone.

    1. Dave, the positive side is to see that finally a renowned brand hereby talks about Bodysurfing.

    2. claudio werneck great point! Something so pure and magical about body surfing.

    3. Define BIG? Certainly not over 15′ Hawaiian (which is the unridden realm in Bodysurfing – for ALL but 1 so far…).

    4. When the word „master“ is used so frivolously… i thought i was going to 30 foot Nazare.. Stewart at Teahupoo is the heaviest I’ve seen

    5. Jon Alcoran – Mike’s a true waterman. Footage of people like him and mark cunningham at places like pipe is amazing!

  3. I body surf shore breaks, everyone stares at me, but I discovered that the water always hits the shore before you do, so during a shore break, don’t be scared to body surf it even though your stomach pretty much rubs the shore lol

    1. Post it here. Or learn to document better.

      How big he going? Why he no make (and RIDE OUT) hiz wavez?

    1. He is a very good bodysurfer. But when comes to real Big Waves, especially when it comes to waves outside of the home yard, to name a few, Kalani, Joel Badina, Fredo David, Robin Mohr, JSC Mauricio LeblonFins and even Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater are better.

  4. Cool, but Nazre has the record for biggest wave ridin by one of the Macnameras.. you had me going for a second..

  5. Yeah man you should know that I’m still bodysurfing much bigger waves.
    But I will never show it in a video or so.
    I just do it for myself and the spirit.
    But if you’re really interrested in bodysurfing big waves, than we can meet up and I’ll show man.

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