The Most Mysterious Things On Earth Ever

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  1. i have discovered that Pi, in the form of coconut cream, is the best

    1. Ricky Bailey who was the comedian who said this? My dad used to have this on tape and I have been trying to figure out who he was?

  2. after watching this video I decided not to drop out of medical school…. knowledge!

    1. This documentary is amazing. But you need som education in math to understand

    1. Mark Shanahan i think that was the original title. Another nova show thats been stolen and renamed

    2. Americans don’t say „maths“. Math is singular and plural, like „fish“, in American English. I have taught ESL for 10 years and never heard „Maths“ until just this year. Still getting used to the idea… (Nova is an American television program)

  3. Most and ever in the same sentence. Someone needs an English lesson. This is „The Great Math Mystery“ I think it was called. You know, that video that has been uploaded 1 million times already.

  4. No mystery here at all. The answer is God. In the beginning..God created the Heavens and the Earth. It is so obvious.

    1. Randy God probably created math and used it to make the Heavens and Earth, so its not that obvious

    2. there is no god… adults that have imagination friends are stupid…the heavens and earth were never „created“ in the beginning it took several supernovas to create earth…science made god believers look stupid once again…

  5. the plants were always there we created the numbers, take the numbers away and what do you have? you have plants with shapes and thats all, I dont read anything into it with the exception of electricity, check out the thunderbolts project.

  6. When they stop denighng  God the Glory,  then they will start to learn and the fools eyes will open………

    1. Cathy Watson go away you simple minded follower of other peoples beliefs…go and find a belief of your own and stop being so damn lazy

    2. Cathi Gordon god cares for our spiritual soul , does not care for our world understanding when cares for our eternal souls. As attributed at bible as said by Christ „give Caesar’s what is Caesar’s“

    3. Panayiotis Yannopoulos…. Thank you for that gracious reply.. I agree with you totally
      Amen ❤️❤️❤️

    4. Lol,…when all ya holy ones are done trolling you tube vids you find worthy of preaching your pollutant caveman version of reality on, you can meet up, get a room, and spoon,….but at some point, reality will overrule, piss all over your godfest, and you will have to go home and finally fix the damned roof on your doublewide…..Cause God ain’t interested in doing that for ya,… Sorry ‚bout yer bad luck. 🙂

  7. Ya. Well you know most people are not mathematicians. No clue what you are talking about. From your title I would not have guessed I was going to get a math lesson. Shame on you.

    1. Richard Provost LoL mathematician, that’s not really a thing they don’t do magic they do math which is already there you just gotta work it out

    2. Learn to grow up and leave the video, instead of complaining. This channel just does it to attract views, so deal with it. I understood this video and was amazed. It isn’t that complex to understand, unless you use less of your brain than most people do. So put the shame on yourself.

  8. One of the mathematicians said one very important thing : “ Mathematics explain all the universe, at least the physical one.“
    That last part is the most important for me, the non-physical world is a mystery for them , so it’s just ignored by the mainstream scientists, and yet it is also one of the most important aspect of our lifes.

    1. Pitifek Garok well maybe you will like this idea by ancient Greeks

      If you are to draw a circle you will make it as best able, drawing again and again a circle, you will make it better and better each time. Yet! Never you will manage to make it absolutely perfect. The real, a true circle is living only at a mental level of your thoughts.

      Strangely enough ! This means there is a world outside your physical world that the perfect, the true form of your ideas are in existence and this ideas as the original, while the ones you draw in paper a „bad“ copy of them.

      The same rule can me used for the original form of other physical things that we see around us , all a copy of their original form. That they called the cosmos of ideas.

      I share this with you because here you have still math and explaining a non physical world ^^ 🙂

    2. The secret has been found. But you wont find it here. Go and look at electromagnet theory. If you want t see a field- you can do it with a ferrocell and a magnet. Fields also have a single corresponding mathematical field. Everything is a magnet. Go and find it!

    3. Mathematics is the imperfect description. Not the explanation. Ask Pioncare. Electromagnetism is the explanation.

    4. Quantum physics has identified consciousness as fundamental to physical form.

  9. Ridiculous. Math is not all, where is the math in this coffee cup, my mouse pad or any object? we find it but understand, for it to exist there requires a programmer. Math did not create matter, yet matter reveals math, matter requires a programmer, math is the program.

    1. Genisys 1,1 In the Beginning GOD created the Heavens and the Earth …

  10. Why is there a connection? One creator. God’s finger print on creation.

    1. sensate444 yes, plants may be the great mathematicians of nature.

    2. Steven Michael they’re definitely better at it than Homo sapiens.

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