The President’s Secret Book



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  1. the President is just a spokesman for who is really incharge

    1. blurry face yeah and Donald Trump is going to find out once his in office

  2. Talk about a bullshit series. They can blow anything into a program. Every President leaves a welcome note on the desk for the incoming President. Nothing secret would be left on the desk in the Oval Office. Let’s dumb down the already dumb American public.

    1. The tradition of the outgoing president leaving the incoming president was only started with Reagan.

    2. Flypurplecat You and I can probably agree that reality shows like keeping up with the kardashians already can stupidly influence people’s minds….right?

    3. Flypurplecat I find more value in documentary shows like this than programs like with the kardashians and so forth.

  3. The thought that Dan Quayle was included in a secret group is either laughable or frightening or both.

  4. The President does not determine how much tax you will pay.  This video is a little limited.  The most powerful person in the world is not the President of the United States, I can’t believe that people still think he is.

    1. LastChance Homestead money is power. so you are absolutely right, the President is NOT the most powerful person in the world. he is just the puppet, so it looks like we have a democratic nation, in which we, the people, make the choices. And where we have a strong leader to lead us along the journey.

    2. Felipe, if you think that, don’t collect any of the success you are about to gain. Be sure to give it away!!

    3. What success? That tax cut for the rich hasn’t transferred I to more money for me. It has however further cemented the trash country my kids will live in. Republicunts, hate the government except for the military industrial complex welfare program and hate the deficit unless it serves them. Hypicrite

    1. Fat Frog … you would have never survived the seventies.

    2. I miss grainy TV pictures using rabbit ears..too perfect a picture creeps me a bit

    3. Even though it’s 240p, these types of videos I’m cool with it being this low of visual quality, because that’s not the important part.

  5. History Channel has turned into the Enquirer, just further proves it. Just watch any of their crap shows on tv. Finding Hitler has zero basis in any type of fact, THIS is so dramatic and full of crap. Of course their are secrets from us, even if there wasn’t this channel would say there was.

    1. Gary Oldham true hunting Hitler is the stupidest show created! Plus the title of the show is just clickbait they only search for proof that hitler survived after WW2 but they dont really search for the man

    2. Gary Oldham a lot of people that’s in this they have good credits

  6. the president cant trust anyone, if you want to trust someone then u have to get a dog lol

  7. President Trump: „You guys are from the Russian embassy? I found this really neat book I want to read to you. It’s tremendous. You’ll be so impressed with the things we know.“

    1. President Trump: Also, I wrote the nuclear launch codes at the back just in case you wanted it.

  8. What will Trump add to the President’s Book of Secrets?

    His Tax Returns.

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