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The world’s best surfers meet at Nazaré.

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  1. Nazaré gives you whatever you want… small and perfect, big and challenger… and giant and scary.

  2. Why do the waves go both ways? Left and right. I think it means southern and northern hemisphere.

    1. Joel Billington
      I don’t think it’s to do with the hemispheres lol, I assume it’s just which angle the waves approach the beach from therefore which part of the wave reaches the shallow parts to break first

    2. Nazare is at the end of a massive canyon below the seabed (3x deeper than the Grand Canyon), it has a funnelling sort of effect

  3. do these barrels break at the exact same spot as those monsters Naza is known for?

    1. jeffrey mbugua no they break much closer to the the beach while the big ones break in front of the point where the deep water canyon that forms them is.

    1. Bryan Arents
      They can care less about your petty comment. LOL

  4. Pumping barrels?
    Good surfers make it look easy but the door closed on most of those with a weak window to pop out off. Weak for Nazare.

  5. SOME of the worlds best UNDERGROUND surfers meet at nazare haha

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