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Ultimate SCARY TRUCK Crash Compilation

Government and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs


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  1. Am wondering how russians get their driving lisencies? Maybe just sending few ruble with their address on the envelope. You`ĺl have it in few weeks.

    1. Jarmo Miettinen I’m wondering why you spelled licenses the way you did

    2. there are rumors that it would be easier to buy a licence in russia than getting it legal

  2. Why don’t people get that green light means you have the right to go it does not mean it is safe to go! Always look left and right to ensure traffic is yielding!

  3. Those are some scary truck crashes. I am tremblin and might piss the bed. :-p

  4. In Russia it looks like their road markings are not as plain as ours here in the US. Intersections seen here look dangerous. As for their driving skills I’ve seen some remarkable evasive maneuvers avoiding crashes.

  5. wy ruskie jak nie wychowane to glupie wami tylko sterowac jak Putin!!!

  6. and have many many more stupid people that you don’t even know about

  7. 1:25 that truck driver should get a driving test of where the walls are.

  8. when I watched this it was kinda hilarious but, at the same time it was rediculous how people drive like idiots and this is coming from an eleven year old.

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