Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten

Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 23.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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  1. на 1:23 пидрило сбил мотоциклиста и дальше поехал
    также на 2:42 минуте уебан на машине
    на 4:38 видно что пидрило на серебристой машине включил левый поворот, мотоциклист это увидел и решил объехать машину справа, но пидар на серебристой машине специально его въебал повернув резко направо
    да и вообще пидарасты на машинах, не смотрят в зеркала + поворот нужно включать за 30 метров а не сразу перед поворотом!
    p.s я не стал указывать все временные точки, не зачем, не скажу что все „хрустики“ святые, многие гоняют как угорелые, но в большинстве случаев водители авто – ПИДАРАСТЫ КУПИВШИЕ ПРАВА ЗА САЛО!

  2. Whoa! You see that?! At 0:43 the dude’s head fell off, flying about 20 feet in the air! That has GOT to be the coolest thing I’ve ever SEEN, dude!

  3. 2:00 the guy comes riding in with crutches, it was like he knew his buddy was going to need them.

  4. It is weird that a few drivers stop to help the victims. Others kept on going. Why?

  5. what if the dud checked his bike first instead of his girlfriend. lol

  6. all I can say is…’uhhhh‘.These bikers need to wake up.Cages too.wonder how many of these happen everyday in Russia.

  7. The first one was the green cars fault like yes it’s good that you stopped to let the old woman cross but she’s slow and crossing to the side they were on meaning they could’ve just driven by without hitting anyone but the biker is also in the wrong for going so fast
    Edit : I don’t know if there’s any law stating you have to stop when someone is crossing like Hell I don’t even know what country it’s in

  8. Some of these make me so angry, Id love to beat some of the drivers with a cactus of a stick.

  9. Not in every case its the motorcyclist’s fault. For example 1:30 ! The driver hit him and didn’t even stop

  10. You know all these asswipes are going too damn fast. Because they think they are so freakin cool with their little bikes. Love it when they fly in the air and do flips. 99.9% of these guys don’t know how to ride. Hell some can’t even turn a curve. Moron shitwipes!!!!!!!

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