Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten

Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 24.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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  1. Did you know, that some of your viewers are German? A German title of a Russian channel is a bit strange.

  2. Первый раз в жизни услышал как русский человек после аварии молится а не матерится.

    1. The guy is filming with his phone the video that is either on the TV or computer.
      As the TV screen goes dark, you can then see his reflection.

  3. you should write the informations about accidents in english. russians probably already know about them from news or web. if they don`t know, they can also learn about them in english 🙂

    ps: it is not about this video, i don`t remember if this video has infos, i just wrote at your latest video.

  4. Russia doesn’t need need state of the art weaponry. It just needs to weaponize it dump truck fleet by airlifting them on to the highways of its enemies.

  5. 0:31 = Tire explosion was so loud, it moved the car’s window at that distance! O_o

  6. 1:15 = You can see the guy filming the video from his TV or Computer.

  7. 2:57 „твою мать“ охуеть она тупая. Тут блять радоваться надо что камаз еще на пол метра в право не ехал, а то отскребали бы ее мозги в авто

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