Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten

Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 25.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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  1. NOT a professional translation (translate.google)

    1 – July 21, 2016 A woman driver of the Mazda went into the oncoming lane and collided with VAZ 2113. As a result of the accident the driver of VAZ died. Two children in the Mazda suffered minor injuries.
    2 – August 13, 2016, road Kostroma Ivanovo. The driver of VAZ 12th model drove to the oncoming lane and collided with KIA Sportage. As a result of the accident the driver of VAZ and passsazhirka, located in the front seat, died at the scene of accidents. 12-year-oldboy in serious condition was taken to hospital.
    3 – July 10, 2016 Simferopol region. Lada Priora driver when overtaking drove into the oncoming lane and collided with Daewoo Matiz. As a result of an accident the driver and the passenger of Daewoo Matiz died. The driver and passenger were hospitalized Lada Priora.
    4 – July 16, 2016 the route Tyumen – Omsk. Due to the loss of the wheel killed 2 people.
    5 – July 3, 2016 accident at the turn of the Khmelnytsky. The Daewoo Nexia died a young man and woman. The tour bus suffered guide
    6 – April 30, 2016 road Volgograd-Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. Driver Toyota Camry performing overtaking, does not brake, collided with Daewoo Nexia. As a result of the accident injuries died on the spot an elderly woman. The woman driver received injuries and was hospitalized.
    7 – August 6, 2016 The driver of the car to overtake in the oncoming lane, saw a truck, braked abruptly, the car skidded. In critical condition Woman and two men were taken to the hospital. 19 year-old driver died. He received his driver’s license for three days before the accident.
    8 – 9 – June 26, 2016 Yaroslavl. Collided Lada 2114 CHEVROLET Lacetti. Killed 63 year old passenger CHEVROLET Lacetti. Three other participants of the accident were hospitalized.
    10 – June 6, 2016 Alupka. Vaz driver flew into the oncoming lane. His passenger, and the woman driver of an oncoming car died on the spot.
    11 – August 26, 2016 Cherepovets. As a result of an accident, two people were taken to hospital. 27-year-old motorcyclist died in the morning from his injuries. Its a passenger, 22-year-old girl, physicians documented head injury, fractures of the pelvic bones, bruises on the left side of the forearm, knee and ankle.
    12 – August 8, 2016 on the 761 kilometer highway M-53 „Baikal“. The driver of the car «KIA»He collided with a standing truck Volvo. The blow to the oncoming passenger car was thrown under Scania. Kia driver died on the spot.
    13 – June 11, 2016 the M3 highway „Ukraina“. Mercedes driver drove into the oncoming lane and collided with DAF Truck. As a result of accident 43 year old woman passenger of the Mercedes she died on the spot.
    14 – June 26, 2016 VAZ 2109 driver drove into the oncoming lane, made a head-on crash with a Mazda 3. From his injuries the driver of VAZ 2109 died in the ambulance.
    15 – July 8, 2016 the M2 highway „Crimea“. One of the drivers made a road accident with a van Hyndai Porter, whose driver turned on the alarm. As long as drivers tried to find out who is guilty, in Porter, flew into truck Volvo. Volvo’s driver was killed.
    16 – July 6, 2016 the Leningrad region. Ford Focus driver failed to control on the wet road, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a bus in which there were 18 children and 13 adults. The accident killed the driver of the Ford Focus and its two passengers.
    17 – August 19, 2016. The route Izhevsk – Sarapul. Niva driver drove into the oncoming lane and collided with the oncoming truck KAMAZ. From his injuries the driver died on the spot Niva.
    18 – July 17, 2016 Murmansk highway. The driver of the cement Mercedes collided with „Ford C Max“, „KIA“, „Sportage Citroen“. Killed woman KIA passenger. KIA driver in the emergency room, two children were in child seats are not affected.
    19 – May 31, 2016 Tatarstan. Dump truck driver failed to control and drove into the trailer of another truck. The blow was of such force that the truck culprit accident, torn off the cab. Dump truck driver died on the spot.
    20 – June 3, 2016 in Novosibirsk. Honda crashed into a tanker truck. 13 year old boy was admitted to hospital, but he died in the hospital.
    21 – July 22, 2016 the route Saransk – Penza. Chevrolet Aveo at the speed of 140 km / h crashed into the „Gazelle“, which was torn to pieces. As a result of an accident killed three men who were in the Chevrolet – two died at the accident scene, another died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.
    22 – July 8, 2016 Rostov-on-Don. Hyundai Solaris hit by a bus. The driver and passenger of Hyundai Solaris died on the spot.

  2. 2:07 Let the bodies hit the car, let the bodies hit the car, let the bodies hit the *ting ting* CAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAArrrr!

    1. A year later I’m the only one drowning in the pool of laughter.

    1. He’s not saying „Yes“

      He’s saying „Есть“ (pronounced „yest“) which is a syntactic marker in Russian (roughly equivalent to „Look at that!“ or „Whoa!“)

      (this, by the way, – number 7 – is by far the worst, most graphic, most horrible dashcam video I have EVER seen on the internet. Talk about a Darwin award winner.)

  3. hahaha! so funny hiw this stupid russians….. well……. die!! llooll they think they are unbreakable!!

  4. May I have Stoli please. You want Stoli ? I tell you stoli. One time I vas driving on Russian road…………………

  5. Everyone is surprised, but this was what US roads were like when people started driving big V8 engine cars in the 50’s and 60’s

  6. 5:02
    How Volvo driver died? I think he had a cabin higher then the van? (Sorry for bad English I am Hungarian)

  7. 2.10, was horrible 1, people fly spinning, and hit hard, idk what it feels like

  8. God gave you seat belts for a reason. And the same applies to brake pedals and accelerators. That car won’t do anything you don’t tell it to do. I can’t believe what I’m seeing sometimes.

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