Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 29.

Hebe Dich mit einem Cartoon von Deinem eigenen Foto gezielt aus der Masse hervor und ziehe die Blicke auf Dich!



11 thoughts on “Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 29.

  1. While true that there are english subtitles, 1% of the crashes actually have talking.

  2. As a person who commutes to work very often in fluctuating distances, Russian Car Crash compilations allow me to live my greatest motor fears.

  3. I’ve seen crashes at that one spot before, there’s a sign that says: CTON. Is that a city/town or does it mean – Danger?

  4. You can buy a car, but no!!! you can’t buy brains to go with it. it would seem.

  5. What’s up with the XXX captions? Cyka! Blyat! Yourbunnywrote! That ‘bout covers them.

  6. Excessive speed, unsafe maneuvering and people just not paying enough attention.

  7. LOL! „English subtitles“….????…. wtf? Well, you get points for trying! Your „English“ is better than my Russian! (You know, lots of people here in America actually like Putin. Well, ok, sorta! LOL!)….

  8. Nobody seems to yield to the other. Seems as if everyone feels they have the right-of-way.

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