Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten

Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 30.

Know How und Zusammenfassungen aus Erfolgs-Büchern


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    1. Russian car crash compilation why your car crash compilation looks very horrific XD

    2. *Benedict Mun Sans* car crash videos are supposed to be filled with sunshine,fairy farts and baby jesus ?

  1. Almost all accidents are very preventable, I think Russians don’t want to wear glasses… And a sprinkle of common sense and 90% of these accidents wouldn’t happen.

    1. I think it’s because they have „tunnel vision“. They just enter the road without looking left and right to see the incoming traffic.

    2. porque tantos accidentes en rusia?? creo que los rusos no saben manejar a la ‚defensiva‘ o le echan vodka al carro en vez de gasolina???

    3. Zefe Manzano
      a lot of those are not even the drivers fault. a lot of them are more due to poor road markings/singles/lack of them. if you look there are a lot of roads lacking road markings and there are a lot of intersection that should have lights at them ect ect

    4. +adox
      That’s not really a excuse. In those cases they should be more careful. They do not adapt to the road conditions. And when they drive on snow they act like they never saw it before.

  2. Trump’s new friend in Putin. Thanks to Trump, we’ll be all driving like this.

  3. „ёб твою мать!“ „ёбоный урод“ „дебил“ thanks Boris the Shashlik King i now understand russian

  4. Poor road/weather conditions + going too fast + vodka = bad times

  5. *opens UK dashcam video, sees twenty minutes of near misses*
    *opens a russian dashcam video, very first clip is two cars getting wiped out*

  6. its always so amazing the calm almost if no reaction from the drivers of the dashcam car drivers in russian videos

  7. The term „driving lessons“.. Does it even exist in russia???

  8. Do Russian people just not know how to drive?

    1. know. Just in Russia dash cam every second driver. I think if they were as common in other countries, we would have seen no less interesting videos

  9. in russia it’s like…“nice day?…drive FAST…rain?…drive FASTER…snow?..PEDAL TO THE METAL I!!“

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