Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 32.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU



6 thoughts on “Unfälle, Pannen und Peinlichkeiten 32.

  1. Гусь за жопу кусь sagt:

    Где-то я это видел…
    Более того, примерно в том же порядке.

    1. Муравьиная копролалия funny children

  2. 1st crash is typical of those Russian junctions,. traffic flow design fails by the road designers. It’s not entirely their fault, no one who gets into crashes at those junctions ever seems to stop to think that there are queues of OTHER drivers who’re STOPPED,.. they never seem to think WHY they’re stopped. Idiots in authority and idiots on the roads.

    1. These intersections exists elsewhere…if no specific turn arrow it’s go when clear. that white car failed to yield, plain simple.

  3. 0:05, 0:19, 0:38, 1:06, 1:27, damn, pretty much the entire video. Russian cars, now come with a cloaking device as a standard equipment.

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