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  1. *CREDIT:*
    1. – thud NAT 00:00
    2. – goofwrench 00:23
    3. – Garret McTavish 00:47
    4. – spaghettibeans 01:02
    5. – Charlotte DashCam 01:20
    6. – CRAKZOR 01:32
    7. – Wailwulf 01:58
    8. – Manda Fito 02:18
    9. – Jmaxxz 02:41
    10. – Andy Slayyeh 03:05
    11. – Robert Madsen 03:23
    12. – Bad Drivers Of Utah 03:41
    13. – Bad Drivers Of Utah 04:17
    14. – Bad Drivers Of Utah 04:46
    15. – Bad Drivers Of Utah 05:06
    16. Special thanks to „Douglas S.“ for this clip 05:49
    17. Special thanks to „Rajeshwar S.“ for this clip 06:17
    18. – Bad Drivers Brazil 06:48
    19. – Brian Mesmer 07:07
    20. – TMobile Taco King 07:17
    21. – David S 07:39
    22. – banksta64 07:59
    23. – Jerry Sun 08:23
    24. – Aaron Matthew 08:52
    25. – Bryan Young 09:08
    26. – Bents 09:28

    1. James Taylor Notification squad? Where do you think you are, Exploring with Cody?

    1. A Burro, on the California side of the border near Parker AZ.

      Had to replace the AC Condenser, Radiator, and hood. Told most who get a head on with those burros also lose their windshield and take damage to the roof of their vehicle. 800 USD repair bill for me, not counting having to travel back to AZ to pick up the pick up.

      The Burro got up after about a minute and wandered away.

  2. I downvoted for not warning about the animal being hit. I know it happens but I didn’t really want to see it.

    1. Wailwulf that was the best I’ve seen in a long time he was like hit me come on I’m ready to die!

    2. I agree that this video needs a trigger warning but we don’t know if that creature identifies as an animal so please check your specionormative privilege.

    3. *Warning* Mentally ill Liberals will be need a safe space because they will be triggered due to an animal being smashed on the road. *Warning*

    4. In fairness to the animals, what about the pedestrians that get hit in these videos all the time? People don’t seem to care about other people getting mowed down. In regards to them, however, there’s usually a post at the beginning saying there were no fatalities. The point is, no one cares about other people dying, just the poor woodland creatures. Go figure.

  3. #12 could’ve been avoided and #14 just wanted to be a jerk even though he had plenty of time to get over and avoid the situation. Smh

    1. So the cammer is the jerk not the guy pulling out in front of traffic and blocking it?

    2. check out my channel, i have it. but in these case the cammer did not brake on purpose!

    3. AmazinqCutie They all „could have been avoided“ such a stupid statement.

  4. Number 6 was an idiot for coming up beside a semi indicating a left turn.

    1. True, but truck should have been in the left left lane, not the right left lane.

    2. As an 18-wheeler it need more space to do a turn, if he was going in the very left lane he don’t have the space to turn because the tires will going up to the sidewalk… and it’s for safety and logic… If you see a truck like that and it have the left indicator turning on you should have the caution to give him the necessary space to turn. Isn’t for nothing that the trailers have that sign saying “Caution WIDE turns“ or “Look for indicator“.

    3. ranlive1 but the cam driver would of done the same thing but on the right side of the HGV side where he would of not seen him (ideally should of been in both lanes)

    4. I am a semi driver, and we have to use the right left lane. Sure, he could have taken the turn wider, but the cammer could have been more cautious and not rushed in to his space.

  5. Bad Drivers of Utah „LITERALLY“ loves the word literally. I wonder if he literally likes dinky or just sounds like it?

    1. Don Nash You don’t realize how often you repeat words until you go back and watch a video. But I agree!

    2. Just teasing you. I’m as bad. My favorite word when writing is ‚just‘. I just use it too much.

    3. I agree, you don’t realize you say a word a lot until you start making vids.

      Everytime I get cut off I seem to say „Jeeeesus!“

  6. 5:45. I’m shocked she apologized and owned up to her mistake. Most people wouldve acted like it was the cammers fault and been all butthurt that they were honked at for running the red

    1. „I thought my light was green“ aka „I was looking at my phone“

  7. 1:41- You’d think it was obvious that you don’t try and pass an 18-wheeler on the inside of a turn

    1. I think ,that he started his turn a bit early. However, the trailer would have still ended up in the inside lane due the size of the intersection. The cammer should have had a bit of common sense to stay back, but I am guessing that the trucker will be found a fault here. All most people do, is totally condemn the truck drivers.

    2. The semi could have made the turn without going into the car’s lane. He had plenty of room.
      His turn sucked in every way.

      If he knew he was gonna cut the inside lane off, he should have been keeping a closer eye, although he did spot it before the badness happened.

    3. I agree however I’m a truck driver and that trucker did turn too soon which put him in the cars turn lane.

    4. +BadDriversofCentralFlorida „physics of vehicles“ LMFAO
      You are living up to your name.

  8. 5:17 Ahhh Mountain View Highway.  Seems like at least once a week there’s a news article about some idiot running a light on that road and killing someone.

  9. Another great compilation. Thank you for not only giving credit, but linking to the original video. This is the model of how all compilations should credit their sources.

  10. a lot of these are the cam cars over-dramatizing a accelerating towards a car that’s pulled out some way ahead and braking at the last second(whilst hurling insults).

  11. 3:42 dude is listening to the radio commercials from Vice City

    1. What? How else was he supposed to make that turn? Good on him for seeing the other vehicle and not dragging his stupid azz around the corner. Everyone on the road should know not to go on the inside of a turning semi.

  12. Think Utah drivers are bad,try driving on I-15 and every four wheeler tries to drive your semi and their car from one end to other end of the state,its mostly when you try to pass and they speed up and set in your blind spot so you slow down and get Back behind them and they slow way until you try to pass again and this time they speed up pull in front of you and slow down and now every car that passes you flips you off and honks at you cause the moron in front of you is stupid

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