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  1. Oh the irony at 9:15 – orders a large ‘diet’ coke with all that heart attack ‘food’…

    1. Some people just like the taste of diet better than regular. Weird. I know.

    2. Technically he got fresca style. Just chicken, Pico and lettuce. Pretty healthy actually.

    3. Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth you’re only vegan so you can tell everyone about it….

  2. Just because you’re doing the speed limit ( 3:41 ) does not mean you can hog a lane. The outside lane is for overtaking. Have some consideration for other users of the road.

    1. Sharks545 and uh… what about every other argument that you’re not addressing because that’s the ONLY one that you can remotely defend?

      You’d rather defend someone for assault and criminal damage than you would defend someone who… overtook someone who was impeding the flow of traffic

    2. That rule only applies on the highway not on the main roads.

    3. It’s not a free way, it’s a city road where he may have been neeeding to turn left soon; the driver had no way of knowing. . You don’t have the right to speed no matter what lane you’re in, even if it is more socially acceptable on some types of roads. You never have the right to tailgate.

    1. Tinderbox, a few years ago I caught a large puddle on belt parkway in brooklyn, I was doing 70mph and did not have time to brake, but my car (passat b5 wagon) completely stopped VERY fast (2-3 secs I guess). This also ripped the plastic engine cover off lol So I don’t think that guy would’ve gone much further with acceleration 🙂

    2. @ Nigel Oulton The whole idea of a boat is that it floats and keeps water out. His car boat was not sea worthy.

    3. Tinderbox no, water is dense af and a car is heavy and sinks (obvious I know lol) but the water into the engine alone is enough to kill it (no air / air replaced by water) so no drive power … the faster you go the more water is displaced around the car then you literally have a wall of water in front of you and at speed water is pretty damn solid … idk if that makes sense but to me it does haha

    4. we don’t know if the guy had raised muffler or a snork on his truck though

  3. 6:14 & 6:37 Wonder if the same guy at the garage put these wheels on both cars?

    1. Alaric Catlett no it was a friend of a friend that put thoses tires.

  4. 8:32 “your best decision of the day” ha what a coincidence

    1. Notice this one also. 🙂

      Fiery Locos Taco and the fire department there too.

      This one had it all……

    2. With bonus lite version of ‚Drive-Thru‘ by Tenacious D.

      If only he’d said „because I’m watching my figure“ after he’d ordered the Diet Coke.

  5. 10:00 is like a walking real life GTA character created by a 13 year old boy

    1. ivanoffw I believe it’s some kind of tattoo that’s supposed to look like the seem of hose or stockings but it’s very badly done

  6. Orders food,watches fight like nothing happened.right on dude lol

    1. darkness ascending Amen, The FOOD is what’s important… Lol

  7. Most accident are so avoidable it’s crazy people need to learn how to drive

    1. JayH24 in most cases, i say let ‚em hit me. Some people need to be taught a lesson. They obviously haven’t learned it on thier own.

  8. 1:40 awee what a good Dad. Must have been pretty terrifying for the little girl

    1. Kae Pugna nooo I’m not, that’d be cool if I was though lol

    2. Oh ok, you look like one so i figured I’d ask. Anyway nice wolf tat.

    3. Bryant Guidry yeah exactly his first instinct was to make sure she was ok

  9. Drives into a river. Car is floating. Still pulls the handbrake.

  10. The power of Taco Bell.when nothing else matters in the world when you got a chicken quesadilla on the way.

  11. That smooth jazz with bike and police tho xD

    And the fight at the Taco Bell, best parts of this video.

    1. Nah, because then it would be Freestyle Coke, which is 100 options of fucking nasty that tastes nothing like regular Coke.

  12. Kudos for actually having the videos that are shown on the preview shot. Too often, with some people’s videos, the picture has nothing to do with the content.

    1. I was about to call them out until the girl was shown at the very end! I was going to say “2/3 accurate” but this has all 3!

      I’ll never doubt you again Fury Road!

  13. Love the silly in the compilation. Breaks up the madness. Thanks!

    1. > „you’re a very safe driver“
      > blows through yellow

      Had me in stitches

  14. I just crashed into a river mate. Yeah. Like A river mate. My car is filling up with water and is fucked now and i am being swept away by the current. Yeah, talk to ya later mate.

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