Verrückte krasse Momente

Verrückte krasse Momente 16.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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  1. Last time I came this early my daughter was conceived

  2. 8:40 I love the „stop camping the left lane sprayer“. Hilarious! Should fill the tank with brake fluid though.

  3. that motorcyclist was looking to see if that car was going to pull out infront of him from that side street.

    1. That’s the thing with riding – you have to watch ALL the cars.

    2. For gods sake. Right after that crash i would’ve ran out and helped the lady over the street and then ask the guy if his ok

  4. Fury Road u created the best chanel with crashes and road rage which I’ve seen! <3

  5. 3:30 I love how chill Aussies are after car accidents

    1. Mate, I wish all Aussie drivers were as chill BEFORE the car accident too

    2. When we have the wildlife trying to kill us at ever turn, a crash is nothing
      But I do love how they talk like it’s just another typical day

    3. youre not wrong about the wildlife Kody. If roos, emus and cows and blokes in utes weren’t enough to keep you on your toes, in my area we now have copious numbers of


    1. K9 i mean you wouldn’t want any snow coming in, would you?

    2. K9 nah, he was driving top down, pretty sure it was mid summer

  6. 1:55 She had to get the makeup in her purse so she could put it on when she started driving again.

    1. K9 that’s my clip. She turned out to be in one of my classes lol.

    2. Parking lot to the left, parking lot to the right but opts to park in the driving lane.

  7. This had to be one of the most violent complication of car crash videos I’ve ever seen on this channel. That clip from Dubai was scary as hell.

  8. I think one of those animals in the last clip is my kid. I don’t think I’ll ever see him again, so I guess I may as well say it here, „Bye son“.

  9. I will say one thing about Russian drivers, at lease most of them seem to be willing to help a crash victim out.

  10. Is it me or do Russian cars have magnets? They always seem to find each other on those 2 lane roads

  11. Video 2 is a grand exhibit of upgrading misdemeanor charges, ending in a fine, to felony charges, ending in hard time and a life time weapons ownership ban.
    Good job.

      I accept your capitulation.

    2. Weapons are used to defend the righteous from the unrighteous. If we didn’t have the biggest stick, the criminals would. We all know how the past turned out, everybody is safer today. Honestly, in ancient wars, sometimes like 40,000 men would die in an afternoon. It was nothing to wipe out an entire civilization, people killed to clean the land for themselves. I Think we can accept, the USA having guns and shooting thugs before asking questions. It’s not like anybody the police shoot wear suits.

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