Verrückte krasse Momente

Verrückte krasse Momente 17.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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  1. That video at 0:40, was absolutely unnecessary. It lasted almost 3 mins. I don’t blame that car for trying to get away from that other car. People like that will get you killed. Excellent video!

    1. Isidro Chilolo yep I agree with you (if someone going to overtake you let them even if they are tailgating you, flooring it to prevent a pass is illegal and will provoke a response)

    2. don’t accelerate when someone is overtaking you for whatever reason as you may put that car into the front of an oncoming family! However then hunting that person down and using your car as a weapon is mad! maybe he was upset his beemer couldn’t get past a suzuki vitara haha

    3. Should be shot on the time for retards,just kill them.

    4. For everyone saying….“don’t accelerate when someone is overtaking you“….did you ever think he was doing that because every time the car got in front he braked and looked like he wanted to have a confrontation. Brakes in front of him at 0:53 1:23 2:16
      How many times do we see drivers in other videos speed up and not let the brake checker get in front of them so there’s no confrontation. The 48 yr old man in the car was a nut, he didn’t even have valid car insurance.
      At his age, makes you wonder how long he’s been road raging other drivers.

    1. Federal offence. In the US it carries a penalty of a $280,000 fine and up to five years in a federal prison if convicted for each individual caught. It’s called interfering with a flight crew.

    2. Not sure if that laser incident was the one withe the illegal aliens shining a laser at a police helicopter in the Los Angeles area.

  2. That dude getting harassed by the BMW near the beginning of the video was listening to some straight fire music

  3. 6:00 I would’ve rolled my window down and ask how that wipe out was then peel out. Lol

    1. Yea a good „HA HA! hahahahahhaah“ would’ve been golden

  4. 0:15 hopefully with this video at the start demonstrating how a wide angle dash cam makes things look so much farther, we won’t get any idiotic comments about „they had so much room to stop“.

  5. 8:00 the red car should have gotten the ticket for getting in the middle of the intersection trying to catch a light. Stupid pigs don’t see anything unless it’s right in front of there snouts

    1. the light was still red so why would have that car have gotten a ticket?

    2. I don’t know why the cop went after the truck and not the red car that was blocking the lane. Yeah, the truck spun his tires a bit, but he had a protected green arrow and nearly missed the entire cycle because the red car decided to go into the intersection when there was no room to keep it clear, which is an offence. The truck had the right of way, it’s not like he ran a red light. Excessive acceleration maybe, but I would be pissed too if I had to sit through another entire cycle just because of one idiot not paying attention to the space and drivers around him.

    3. Because it wasn’t necessary and sustained loss of traction is considered dangerous driving.

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  6. Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL sagt:

    9:05 got a great taste in music. Kesha baby!!!

  7. 6:50 He might be getting a ticket, but you’ll have the voice of a 5 year old forever.

    1. Well..this is embarrassing.
      Good luck with the hormone therapy?

    2. The baby voice isn’t gonna cost him $400+ though. 🙂

    3. Dave C. HRT is for post menopausal women. It doesn’t affect your voice.

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