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  1. What happens when you attack an 80,000 lb truck with a Honda?

    It turns into a Toyota?

    1. Chris84Redfield That is what i said and wrote you dope

  2. Lmao that last clip got all the tax payers in a tiffy!

    1. InsertFlashyName Well it looks like not one of these assholes has a job if that many are home in the middle of the day.

    2. Exactly, don’t they know how to find a job? I got my first job delivering newspapers when I was in 8th grade.

    3. I was cutting my neighbors laws and washing their cars in grade 4 !

      Also luckily my Dad had his own business ,so I worked with him at a young age ,even before grade 4 albeit easy tasks but it was work and not playing in the sand box or breaking neighbors windows (you get the point)..

      Also at 14 ,since I was a car guy err boy,I got a job sweeping the floors at a garage,that quickly came to small repairs since I had some knowledge and willing to learn.. For 3 hours after school 3 times per week I worked there,plus with my Dad at a non car related business the other days and longer hours…At 15 I was doing small repairs to cars at the garage,at 16 even more etc…I always laugh because I changed a fuel pump on a just out of warranty Mercedes when I was 15..if they only knew lol….Yes,the mechanic checked it over and it ran perfect..

      Moral is ,you can get work paper route like you that is good because it gives a young person responsibility,or a a burger joint also good experience etc..Jobs are all over..I went to the garage,they were not hiring but as a young guy i talked to them,since I liked cars,I guess they seen I was interested and gave me a job sweeping,turned into repairs very shortly..

    4. thecosmicsilver yeah, every single person in an apartment complex has the same day off and weekends. Where I live (all white), no one is home during work hours, but 50 of these monkeys are walking around and jumping off balconies.

  3. I’m fully aware of racial injustice but come on. More work. Less children. Or neither.

    1. In 1950, there were 692M whites, or 28% of the world’s population.
      In 2010, there were 1,213M whites, or 16% of the world’s population.

      Current predictions are:
      2020- 1,199M, or 15% of the world’s population
      2040- 1,130M, or 12% of the world’s population
      2060- 1,033M, or 10% of the world’s population

      According to UNICEF, Africa’s population will be over *4 BILLION* by 2100.

      United States-
      „The non-Hispanic White percentage (* 63% in 2012 *) tends to decrease every year, and this sub-group is expected to become a plurality of the overall U.S. population after the year 2043.“

      That does not take into account the estimated 20M or more illegals, however.

      „Prior to 1965, the demographics of immigration stood as mostly Europeans; 68 percent of legal immigrants in the 1950s came from Europe and Canada. However, in the years 1971–1991, immigrants from Hispanic and Latin American countries made 47.9 percent of immigrants (with Mexico accounting for 23.7 percent) and immigrants from Asia 35.2 percent. Not only did it change the ethnic makeup of immigration …“

      „… the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset …“ Lying Senator Ted Kennedy on the 1965 Immigration Act (D-MA)

      When your parents were born, the United States was over 85% white. After the Hart-(((Cellar))) Immigration Act of 1965, and 50-60 years later, around 60%. Another 25 years, below 50%. Controlling the narrative- telling you our country NEEDs these people, calling you bad names and trying to make you feel guilty if you oppose it, is how people who hate your kind get you to accept your ethnic replacement without fighting back. Time to wake up, Goys.

    2. Won’t Reply less welfare. Watch how the world would change if we cut them off from free government money and programs.

    3. Thank you ARobb3R for not being a pathetic cuck like the rest of these morons commenting.

  4. That repo guy had balls of steel to even attempt that recovery in there lol.

    1. Shannon Bowers that’s what they say we forget the ppl that is incarcerated n homeless

    2. Nothing an automatic rifle couldn’t solve. Should be a new low, pay your fucking pills or get shot. Good god damn riddance.

    3. Yeah, everyone in wakanda sounds the alarm: Da repo manz be comming… THE REPO MANS BEEZ COMIN!!!

    1. SoCal Code 3

      The last video is literal evidence of black people living up to the stereotype and still the shills and liberals are here to say that we are wrong.

    2. SoCal Code 3 repo man has orders to take a 15 year old van for non payment at monkey island!!

    3. Surfer Bri at the time, it was 13 years old, and July 30 is the weekend.

      Secondly, if all black people are somehow the same, if a person got into a car accident, do we blame the car brand or the driver? We blame the driver because cars from that brand do not collide into other cars. It’s the same thing when it comes to race. People shouldn’t blame the whole race for something only one person did. There are bad apples in every race, there are bad cars in every brand. Would it be fair if I said all white people are rapists? I mean, most rape is caused by white people. White people also do the most theft from stores, and commit the most gun violence, so is it? No it isn’t.

    4. damn the whole tribe came out on that last video …..

  5. In that last clip they were coming out of every crack like roaches.

  6. Man, all those welfare leeches swarmed that minivan in the last clip. That guy had balls going in that section 8 rat nest

    1. Brian The Explorer sounds like something one of you gorilla motherfuckers would do

    1. All im saying, that is tribalism right there. Forming up against legal system. That should not be allowed. Two different cultures is bad news for the government, especially if they are pitched against each other.

    2. Gustavo Braga apes in their natural habitat. just look at how protective they are of their territory.

  7. Jesus that boy jumps off the railing of the building and ONTO the TOP of the car just to seeee the damage jesus he is like Spider Man!! at 10:20

    1. planetWizardMan Black people. Do you need anymore information than that?

    2. They came from everywhere, waiving their big gulp, jumping from the balcony and climbing on the van. Theft by intimidation.

  8. 1:36 I saw before awesome video cool work are u a cop how u get fairs used where the video I wish u get 1m subs

  9. 00:35 „Emergency systems is set off, therefore an emergency call cannot be placed by sync.“ Hahahhaa seriously? Why even say this message then if it’s not going to make the emergency call? It seems like the car is trolling

    1. Would you please refrain from applying logic to the above funny post..

    2. +Jack Duno After a collision, it would be most helpful for an automated call to emergency services to take place. In fact, this would be the best time for the automated call to be placed.

    3. if I ever get a car with onstar I’ll make sure it’s always turned on!

    4. I think you will find the message is actually trying to say: A call HAS been automatically placed to emergency services, therefore you cannot use the same system to make a call to emergency services as it is already making a call/is in use. IE You can’t use sync to make a call when it is already doing so… I could be completely wrong.

    5. Oh wow, I actually did not consider that the car could’ve been British. But now that you mention this, it makes a lot more sense Haha

  10. Last clip, whitey holds them down…..but we pay for their housing, food, medical, their bama phones, and now they can get free cars!! Who needs a job?!

  11. I don’t know if some of these drivers are on a sucide mission or what.

  12. Geezzz… they had the whole danged tribe out there on that last one!

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