Verrückte Unfälle, verrückte Fahrer

Verrückte Unfälle, verrückte Fahrer 126.

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    1. WVVVVVVVVVVVWWWWWWWW Yeah, that’s why I’ve never been in an accident or never even been pulled over.

    2. Maria Penguin – Are you saying you are obeying posted speed laws according to your state all the time?

      There is a difference between a driver at the ages between 16-24 say what you had just said and ages 40 to 70. Statistically seeking if you have not been in an accident the longer you drive the higher your chances of getting into an accident or ticket increases. Not to say you will and good for you for not having either for what ever length of time you have been driving. Some may joke around suggesting you only drive to mail box and back. If what you say is true. Then I would wonder if you live in the country vs city. I would wonder what distance you travel in vehicle daily. Then I would wonder if you had any dents or dings on your vehicle. I hope you are as perfect driver ad you claim. Definitely a better driver than I am if your over 50. That is if you obey every driving law required by your state. If your a women these questions have nothing to do with your gender. It has everything to do with your statement. If your a dude same thing. I get very suspicious when someone claims to be perfect.

    3. Time Fourty I’m only 24 so I haven’t been driving for a really long amount of time but in my 8 years of driving, yeah I’ve never even been pulled over, and I have about a 30 minute commute to work everyday (my work is in a big city, my state capital) and I live in the suburbs outside the city I work in. I mean yeah I wouldn’t say I’m an absolutely perfect driving, there have been times when I might have cut someone off on accident, but I never speed or anything like that, I make it a point to always look for speed limits and drive it.

    4. Plenty of women drive. If you’re going to have an opinion and share it, it would be best if you used more than one source. Your fact is false.

  1. Watching other’s stupidity puts me in such a good mood!

    1. It just pisses me off to know that i have to live with these idiots in the same universe

    2. Donari – to live with women or idiot drivers in general?

    1. If they show 2 clips of women parking then the video would be 45 mins long.

    1. Ryan White search road rage on YouTube then say it’s always women

    1. that’s what you get through women getting the right to vote and to work to begin with

  2. THE NUMBER OF WOMAN IVE GOT ON A CAMERA DOING IDIOTIC STUFF IS INSANE. i need to submit some clips asap. If anyone wants to give my channel a chance i’d appreciate it! ❤️

    1. because if you love this channel, you’ll love my channel (:

    2. Bad Drivers of New York City I’m bout to sub. I even have a vid of my Trans Am in the tow yard a day after this cellphone women ran me through. She first said „I couldn’t see“ then she said „There was a motorcycle next to me. I couldn’t get over implying that she acted like she seen me and couldn’t do anything about it.

  3. 9:33 So unfair of the guy in the truck to berate the smart young woman! Anyone who drives a Mercedes should automatically be able to double park, park in a handicapped zone, pay no taxes, go to med school for free, eat at Burger King without gaining weight, drive any speed they want, etc.. etc…

    1. You do have a point there; name calling is pretty low. But what I find even more hilarious is when people resort to smug non-sequituurs and red herrings. Cherrio mate 🙂

    2. Geronimo1994 you should have been the one to stop replying instead of adding fuel to the fire. Just don’t talk back and ignore people like DoctorBohr.

    1. Michael michaelbb ikr just how the hell did she lose those tires

    1. The Lost Sinner Yes, Now and forever more shall we share the L

    2. Captain FALKEN Cheers! Cheers to my first shared L, much felt glory.

    3. Uhm Yeah Can I get an order of a large L with a side order of little L and a medium L please. Thank You!

  4. Last clip lol dude really tried taking the cop car lol now your in more trouble lol

    1. The thing is, us men doing stupid things is so common that when one of these videos comes out, it is a novelty.

    2. All the ‚road rage/bad driver‘ compilations are already ‚man versions‘. There are so few women in those clips that they had to scrape them together to make this one.

  5. Women shouldn’t be driving…AT ALL!!!Most of the car accidents are caused by them!

    1. Search “road rage“. Nice opinion you have there.

    1. +Mike K Sorry your mother was stupid. She must have passed on her genes to you.

    2. Cardionema nope…she kept her dummy genes….gave them all to my dumbass sister

  6. So how can you determine that the first 4 clips were women when you can’t even see who is driving? Sexist much???

    1. Laura walk here is my first feminist encounter in this comment section. Now, do not say a word to them because they will pounce at any moment and will make a video about how dumb you are as a male. Don’t worry, they always put a dumb title like “sexist pig on YouTube.” Again it is okay, for the men of the world (and a small bit of smart women) know that the amount of mental blindness is high in the video they are watching, and say the right thing in that videos comment section. So yeah… go away.

  7. Before anyone asks again about the clip at 1:31, I was the driver and she was in the left lane while I was in the center lane‘ she came into the center lane swiped my mirror and then when I stopped she rear ended me‘ then stupidly ran. I know there are a lot of comments saying she was not in the wrong but the Dallas PD agreed with the camera she did wrong. Sadly she had no insurance or drivers license, the police let her go without even a warning

    1. Bullshit, kid! You were in the right lane and attempted to change lanes in the middle of the intersection (illegal) and paid the price. Oh, and kid? Wear some socks. It’ll help you look less the idiot. You should have known.

    2. Wulfred, though he possesses the grammatical skills of a rabid rooster, is right. You fucked up by changing lanes in the middle of the intersection. You were NOT in the „center lane“, you incredible nincompoop! You should have known.

  8. Every feminist watching this video is probably so triggerd

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