Verrückte Unfälle, verrückte Fahrer

Verrückte Unfälle, verrückte Fahrer 70.

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  1. driving and listening to rap music is a bad combination!

    1. Deette Kearns Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking too. It seems kind of juvenile.

    2. +Car Crash Challenge – Did I just watch that video because it is a new channel from you?  Because there is no tie in with neon green cars.

    3. Deette Kearns It’s a „look at me“ car but also a traditional muscle car color.

  2. 3:41 ~ How is that the Mustang’s fault?
    It was an occupied crosswalk, by law he HAS to stop.

    Cammer was the one not paying attention and rear-ended a stopped vehicle.

  3. Hope you gave Chris a shout out for the clips of the Purple Mustang at the end… and you missed the videos of White Mustang that ran into the crowd then was destroyed by the crowd recently.

  4. 7:47 is not “that poor guy” he’s an idiot! If you want to have an unhealthy relationship with your car and play with it, go to a track! And if the police had his gun drawn… good! Maybe the idiot learned a lesson that night!

  5. 4:25 „I don’t know who’s fault that was.“ What a pinhead.

  6. What are the odds that a Mustang commercial is playing at 0:24; dealer stock only. LOL

  7. some of the kids in these vids, worry for America’s future with this bunch out there

  8. 1:16 that jam though! Mos def – „ms fat booty“ and the videographer has a great taste in music lol.

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