Lindsey Stirling

We Are Giants ft Dia Frampton – Lindsey Stirling

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  1. How about a Lindsey Stirling Videogame? „Rise of Phelba“ for example 😀

    1. Will someone make a Lindsey Stirling mod or skin or SOMETHING Stirling for MCPE

    2. slystrings

      I’m just too inspired right now ask again later

    1. This is supposed to be a comment section for Lindsey Stirling,then it becomes the sam green fan section. XD

  2. I love the part where she just makes the gesture „LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS DID!“ and the monsters are all like „oh, oops, we’ll take it outside.“

    1. They might not be aliens and neither are they  monster

  3. There you have it kids, eat your tomatoes, and you’ll turn into a galaxy giant.

  4. lesson learned: don’t eat sketchy striped tomatos that comes from a shelf where tomatoes don’t belong XD

  5. Life lesson if u eat a tomato u will fly into space and get a violin and a Shadow giant of yourself (if this was true then their will be no more tomato’s in the world)

    1. Wow I just look at this and have about 300 likes wow people actually like me yay

    2. Lol how did you know that PS this is so funny when you said I told my family

    1. Greninja Gaming tomatoes are not veggies are fruits lol

  6. I eat pizza, and I still cannot fight Turtles OR Squids with a Giant Galaxy Violin. COME ON!

    1. I feel you. I feel the pain. Plus, how does eating a TOMATO give you superpowers? Pizza would surely make more sense

    2. I like ur profi- no I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. anyone else automatically feel better after listening to this song when your down

  8. Mom-eat ur tomatoes
    me- but I don’t like tomatoes
    Mom-*plays this video*
    me-*eats all her tomatoes in 1 second and wait to get blasted into space and get a shadow of me and a violin*

  9. Was anybody eating a tomato while watching cause I did and I swallowed it whole and waited but all that happened was that I started choking on the tomato

    1. My cousin wanted me to watch this and I had a tomatoes in my hand and he told me right when I was about to grab it and told me to watch this

  10. The art style is sort of a combination of Steven universe and the legend of zelda wind waker.

  11. Everyone is making fun of the tomato while I’m like, „nice song and animation.“ Like if you agree.

    1. Im not commenting on the tomato. its a good video and my FAVOURITE Lindsey Stirling SONG

    2. Just because we think the tomato thing was funny doesn’t mean we didn’t like the video. We can be interested in more than one thing. Also, like fishing! Boo!

    3. Pinkie Puppet Ze UT Geek I agree completely. It actually bothers me slightly that nobody is actually talking about the song. And animation. XD

    1. I noticed: The tomato had darker stripes… Maybe some kind of OG Mode tomato?

  12. I tried to eat a tomato but it didn’t work… does anyone have a tutorial for this??? Did I do something wrong? (Edit: ooo 3 likes yay!)

  13. Which is magical: the tomato or Lindsey?
    Edit: 23 likes!

    1. Lindsey, she is gorgeous and incredibly talented and kind and bright personality towards all her fans, what more could you ask for in her

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