Welding Fixture Table for Works You Must See

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Best welding fixture table – great for precision fabrication and welding.

WELDING TABLE – 3D SYSTEM – www.forster-welding-systems.com

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  1. Thats a good idea but there is no way that light frame work is going to keep the rail from warping durring welding. I’ve been welding rails for 22 years and you HAVE to clamp it down to a surface that cannot move durring welding. Even if you skip around it will always warp withour being held firmly. If you use aluminum its even worse. Also this is only going to do one type of railing style. You still have to punch your square hole in you lower channel if you do channel rail.
    The way its designe for spacing pickets is wrong also. You dont start at one end and just measure out your 4″ picket gaps or 10 cm then end up with a partial picket space at the end. Thats how Home owners and helpers do pickets and it looks amateur. You measure the whole space between your post and subrtract your overall picket widths then divide it by the number of spaces required and add or subtract a space until it falls below the minimum space by law. Then the rail looks like it wasnt just taken out of a box and cut to fit the area. And what about mid bars and any ornimental peices welded in like rings. Seems like an expensive jig just to do one type of rail and not done the right way either.

  2. U can accomplish this same fit up with some pipe stands , level , square and flange pins

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