Red Bull

We’ve got a lot to learn | Strongman Swimming E2

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  1. Love your dink red bull keep it up your drink is awesome
    We are anonymous
    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    expect us

  2. 17000 calories ?!?!?! :oo. I’m only eating 2500 per day :))

    1. Matthew Dahl 😮 are u sure? you’re an athlete or something?

  3. You must mean „Strongperson“ swimming Red bull, not strongman swimming geese get with the libtard times! lol

  4. Great meeting you mate come back to St Lucia anytime and continue pushing the boundaries of life. 1Love =)

    1. Gordon 🙂 no way…. ahh thank you SO so much brother 🙂 I am SO sorry I didn’t make it back fast enough for the street party 🙁 I might be back this year to run up the Pitons so if I am we NEED that overdue beer brother 🙂

    2. Ross Edgley ice cold piton beers on me when you reach down from your Pitons run and then on to the street party 🙂

  5. That food intake is impressive. Your toilet must be even more impressive.

  6. 12 kilos of dry oats in a week? You need some seasoning with that, sheesh.

  7. 15,000 calories a training day?!! Amazing. Are you eating raw oats? I wish I could do that.

  8. Very, very good series red bull! The food intake, supplementation, mental focus, strategy, proper form relevant to function, hardcore training‘ is a language I can relate with in terms of Bodybuilding hence my enjoyment in this series! Thanks again!

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