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What Child is This – Lindsey Stirling

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  1. You know, when I was growing up, Christmas was about Family, and, as Christians, celebration of Christ’s birth. But now, its sad to see so many kids looking forward to „presents“ when to me, the best thing I enjoy about Christmas is spending it with family. And I’m happy to say, that’s a gift I’ve gotten almost every year, and the only one I would NEVER give up 🙂

    1. Spend that money on going or bringing them to you to SEE them! They don’t care about the stuff you bought regardless of price. You are the only true gift. Merry Christmas!

    2. tropicalum i know what its like. Im a divorced kid to as i like to call myself. Im one of the „fortunate“ ones during Christmas though. I get to see both of my parents on Christmas day. However on the 4th of July and Thanksgiving i only get to see one of them. Hope it gets better for you.

  2. Oh my goodness, this music was so beautiful, it made me cry! Even though it’s August, Christmas is always my favorite holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and getting to spend time with your family.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with Christmas or celebrating Christmas , I’m a Catholic……but the actual truth is……Jesus was NOT Born on Anywhere between December–24th / 25th……that’s the really , really Sad part !!!!!!!!!

  3. I guess I’m not in the loop in my old(er) age. Never heard of this beautiful young woman and her style of fiddling until watching the CMA Country Christmas show on TV. I was wowed by this gorgeous music and will be a fan forever…;)

    1. same here this is the first one ive watched and im instantly in love with the style

  4. I remember this was my introduction to you three years ago. My wife loved it too as she loved violin and dance. She passed last year Dec 18th so coming on a year of her becoming an angel. This is for my angelbride.

    1. hey im sorry , i just want to say merry Christmas to you and god bless you.

    2. I could not fathom the loss of my wife. My sincerest condolences Duane.

    3. Duane, I read this and my heart just about broke and I’m typing this with tears in my eyes. Keep faith that you will be with your angelbride again someday as your kind of love will outlast our short time here. Best to you, Sharon

    4. Duane Gibson It must be very painful to go through that. May you have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless. I know it’s late, but it’s never too late!

    1. そうですね、日本ではグリーンスリーブとして知られている歌です。

  5. Not to sound like I’m a Bible thumper, but I am so happy that Lindsey has been blessed with the love of Christ, in her music.  She is both lucky, and fortunate.    Thank you Lindsey, for sharing this video with us.

    1. I’m not a Bible thumper, but I HAVE read it several times and, as a result of that, I am definitely a Christian.

    2. bill65761 Wow the Old Testament too? I started reading it in Spring and I’m only on Deuturonomy so far.

    3. I just discovered her yesterday. If she’s christian and that’s what her music is, I won’t be looking into her any further. Zero tolerance for brainwashing religions.

  6. Christmas in May. Why not?!  I took my angel brides ashes up Mt Baldy and the Little Colorado looks like the river in this video!  Yippee!   Honored and privileged to have found this video that introduced my to this gorgeous, wonderful dancer and violinist.  Lindsey,  I cherish you.  God bless and my angel bride has looked down on me many times when I needed support just not to die in a crash or whatever.  I miss her so much.  I miss Brianna Lea Pruett as well. Her music like yours helped me heal in my time of crisis.  As did Daniela Andrade.  Music heals and comforts as well as bringing joy.  Enough of my rant.  Time to get back to music!   Love you!!

    1. Mastergamer9999 it is, but some scrub back in the day took the melody and wrote hid own text

    2. The original song was Greensleeves from the 16th century, the tune was adapted as a Christmas carol in the mid 19th century.

    3. that’s common, many folk songs from different areas have similar melodies

    1. Unfortunately, people prefer to stomp on this kind of spirit rather than support it.

    1. Every instrument I play just generally doesn’t seem to work no matter what weather it is in. Unless someone else plays

    2. +Bearded Dragon Sir To resolve this whole thread, Lindsey was probably using her “stunt violin”, Ingrid. Ingrid is a $40 eBay violin used for harsher filming conditions.

    3. She has said, elsewhere, that she goes on Amazon, finds a cheap violin, tunes it as nearly as she can so she can stand to listen to it so she can move to it, then cuts the actual soundtrack in the studio.

  7. I can’t understand why 1,112 people would dislike this. It’s just beautiful.

    1. @ Christie C — Perhaps it is because of jealously, envy and strife as demonstrated in Aesop’s fable of the fox. Like the discouraged fox who was unable to reach some desirous grapes — finally gave up, and deemed them to be „sour“ anyway.  Such is life in a fallen world, but there is hope John 3:16.

    2. por que eles sao bobos nao sabem o que e musica de verdade

  8. A wonderful video to see/hear after waking up this morning. Thanks for starting my day on such a good note.

  9. Merry Christmas Everyone May Jesus Bless America Again Amen

    1. Patriot Conservative we still got 20 days I believe…

  10. Magical Lindsey!! Only a violin can pull off so many tunes on its own to perfection. Bravo!!

    1. 94noj agreed. Notice how this has a piano backing it (along with many other stringed instruments). The violin on its own wouldn’t sound all that great. The piano though has a much larger range.

    2. I challenge this as well. Us horn players can usually pull off many pieces on our own

  11. I love this. I feel better after listen her playing. And Merry Xmas 2016 to everyone .

    1. verticalsilence Merry Christmas to you as well in 2017 now!!

  12. I love this so much. Beautifully played and beautifully presented. Thank you.

  13. Beautiful. Made me tear up. Love the Love <3 <3 <3 God bless you and your Family. Merry Christmas! <3 <3 <3 Love you too!

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