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Who is Ross? | Strongman Swimming E1

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  1. Yooo OMG this is Great! Ross is Beasting!! Awesome Video

  2. Strength and dexterity… They don’t exactly meet in the middle at all, but props to this dude for trying to force his fast twitch as well as his slow twitch muscle fibers to become one!
    Cool series

    1. Fast twitch are primarily the muscle fibers you use when you drop a pencil and catch it before it hits the ground. The opposite of heavy weight lifting, the muscle is triggered in rigorous activity where speed and dexterity is key. Slow twitch are your bulky, heavy lifting muscles that turn you into a brute that can lift small cars. They’re harder to engage and build as opposed to slow twitch. That’s why you sometimes hear a trainer want you to lift your weight faster and hit the maximum travel and hold it. Fast twitch is active at the start and just before you release to repeat the rep.
      For example, cats are using fast twitch muscle fiber for spontaneously leaping 5′ vertically in the air when they become spooked. Their bodies have a good percentage of it, we don’t and have to build it up.

      I hope that helps you out, it’s a good question!

    2. Aint1S dude you ate so wrong. Fat and slow is not about the speed of movement but the speed of (number) of action potencial (nerv signals). Slow twich fibers are for stamina but not power, and fat are for power and speed, and they Can get biger by hiperthrophy.

  3. Is it just me or is the audio all over the place? Super soft then loud?

  4. Ross is a Paleontologist who lives in New York with his girlfriend Rachel.

  5. Not hating but do you think this guy is in the juice or peds? Seems quite insane to me haha

    1. Ja Pc that would not be far fetched. What would be far fetched if he wasnt on roids

    2. PantsB4Squares yeah I get what you mean. He seems like a safe dude though.

    3. Absolutely. No way he trains that much without PEDs. Still very impressive though.

  6. Wonder how much he got paid to take that one little sip of RedBull. No way he drinks it normally.

    1. cameron campbell Sport professionals don’t have to drink redbull for a sponsorship. They don’t make a sports drink. They just make a drink that sponsors all of the sports that big drink producers don’t even look at.

    2. good point, when i saw him swig it i was like woah wait did he just slam some redbull?

    1. Please tell me you don’t think that’s how you spell lieutenant

    2. alan B please don’t tell me you’ve never heard of a leftenant

    3. alan B I think you have just given away your nationality, but your country men won’t be proud.

  7. Problem is, 99.99% of people don’t have a job that complies with that type of workout. Kudos to you tho so for having the time and drive to make it happen!!!

    1. wolololer Ross Edgley has no wife and no kids. He’s not responsible for anyone else’s welfare or well being other than his own. His only responsibilities are to work out and run his business. Before fitness was his job, he was in a position to be selfish enough to turn his hobby into his work. Again, because of the lack of responsibility to anyone else other than himself.

      My point is, most other people don’t have the luxury of being able to be so selfish in our own endeavors. We are responsible for others futures than our own. We literally don’t have enough time in the day to work out three times in a 24 hour period AND take care of our other, more important responsibilities. Don’t talk to me about the wrong or right mentality. I work out five days a week. Sometimes six. I eat clean and stay healthy. My opinion isn’t rooted in laziness, jealousy, or lack of understanding. It comes from fact!!

    2. did someone pushed u to have a child?
      because he dont have kids or a wife he can do what he wants and u not?
      he made his choices and u made yours

      why are u saying those stuff just to justify your „weakness“ and inflate your ego?

      its exaclty like the people calling out he use steroids, probably he uses but those guys saying that could do what he does with steroids? probably not, just stop complaining and stop looking for the faults of the others to justify your own faults

    3. azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL sagt:

      +D 5 Do you want to swim 40km with a 100 pound log tied to yourself? That seems pretty damn pointless. He should actually try to break world a record if he wants to challenge what people think the human body is capable of, instead of doing silly stuff.

    4. wolololer so now your ego comes out to play with all those insults hahaha hypocrisy at its finest

    1. Jamez Robertz nah his cardio is way too good to be on tren

    2. Adonis Group You may be right, but he carries a lot of muscle for an endurance athlete.

  8. I don’t buy 24/7/365. Even he gets sick and or injured and takes days or even weeks off.

    1. Gregory Vierra he will make sure he has the best diet so he can recover the fastest possible like a elite athlete plus he said he ‘you have to know your body or you will get ill or injured’

    2. Uh, simply someone who is skeptical of a man who claims to workout practically nonstop. Face it man we call get sick and or injured. Not taking anything away from this guy who’s obviously an extremely fit dude. I’m out.

    3. azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL
      Its not impossible but *VERY* very unlikely. But at a cursory glance he seems to be gifted genetically.
      Maybe by his own admission ‚you have to be in tune with your body‘ that could mean he doesn’t always do it 7 days a week, perhaps he just aims too. Of course, this is all show boating and attention.

    1. there are people out there attaining more extreme performances without being on peds that’s why I think its pretty obvious he uses them because its easier to attain that level as without…like a shortcut..still nothing to salute…

    2. I honestly dont know if he admits it…if yes than that s a good thing not trying to be a role model…not saying that this guy isn’t motivated or dedicated but there are enough of natural athletes that are aswell…being on peds just doesn’t deserve credit!

    3. Steroid don’t make you perform better, they just make you huge. Steroids or not, this guy is a superhuman. He’s simply out of this world.

  9. Last time I went swimming with my log it cleared the pool.

  10. Im from a third world country „India“.Where the middle class mindset is you have to either get into engineering or medical field to earn your living.But when I look into videos like this .I wonder how these guys follow their passion ,do what they like and earn money as well.Thats When I realize to follow your passion u gotta be in a first world country

    1. Ok forget about first world country,
      Are you the best version of yourself currently?

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