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Who’s up for a trip to Nazaré this year? | Sessions

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Alex Laurel is back on the scene for the second major swell of the 2017/18 big wave season at Nazaré, Portugal. It was a day of crazy feats, for both towing and paddling — including a mind blowing wipeout by Red Bull's own, Andrew Cotton. Featuring: Rodrigo Koxa, Ross Clarke-Jones, Justine Dupont, Axi Muniain, Mick Corbett, Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca, Maya Gabeira, Rafael Tapia, Pierre Rollet.

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28 Kommentare

    1. Cotton sort of gave it a go – it didn’t work out well for him…

  1. Looks like the type of waves the Penguins in surfs up go on

  2. Thats gotta be the craziest feeling riding a wave that huge and then all of a sudden a giant shadow is cast over you…

  3. How long until JOB lights himself on fire and rides this in the dark?

    1. My hero’s! I drink Red Bull every time I race, ever thought of sponsoring a Nascar driver? 😉

  4. Those drone shots are amazing! They capture the intensity and size of the wave really well.

    1. Sean Acebedo much better than from the cliff, whenever its filmed from the cliff it just looks either really small or huge

  5. That barrel at the beginning would have looked like the end of the world from inside

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