WOW!! 11 AMAZING WRENCH You Should Have For Work Home

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Wow!! 11 amazing wrench You should have for work home.
A wrench (or spanner) is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects—usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts -or keep them from turning.
1. TEKTON Drive Click Torque Wrench – www.tekton.com/wrenches/torque-wrenches
2. KRAFTWERK MULTI COMBI universal socket wheel – www.kraftwerktools.com/en/eu
3. WURTH Nut Buddy – www.wurthusa.com
4. Sealey Flare Nut Wrench – www.sealey.co.uk
5. Crescent Multi-Tool With A Ratcheting Wrench – www.crescenttool.com
6. Gedore Grip Wrench (Pliers Wrench) – www.kctoolco.com
7. Tite Reach Extension Wrenches – tite-reach.com
8. Adjustable ratcheting wrench, One Hand pipe wrench –
9. RIDGID LED Basin Wrench – www.ridgid.com
10. Wera Zyklop-Mini ratschet – www.wera.de
11. HexForce 360 Wrap Around Wrench – agscompany.com

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  1. i see nothing new here its like reinventing the wheel but i will say buy the best quality tools you can afford not gimmicks

  2. Wish I could of had these tools for tubing nuts many times in past.

    1. Yeah!! that line wrench rocks!!! looks like it will tighten on a worn flare nut like a pipe wrench!
      The rest you can toss in with the Robo Hammer even that Nut Buddy

    2. once you have used one you would not.they round over the nuts so no other spanner will work on them. the hardened steel jaws wear away the points of the hex when used as a ratchet

  3. amazing? you keep using that word but I don’t think it means what you think it means

  4. Gedore tools are supposed to be among the best German hand tool brands, but they are ridiculously expensive.

  5. the blue rigid pipe wrench was the only thing i saw that wasn’t a gimmick.

    1. The Tite-Reach isn’t a gimmick, mine has been useful a number of times. Also the HexForce 360 is just a crow’s foot that closes around itself, which has the same us as a flare nut crow’s foot, so it’s not really a gimmick; the Sealey flare nut wrench is basically the same. Torque wrenches and ratchets are fairly common tools, as are torque multipliers such as the Nut Buddy. The rest could be seen as gimmicks but probably have a couple use cases. If anything, the Rigid wrench is the most gimmicky tool here.

      Also, you should look up the definition of gimmick, I don’t think you quite understand what it means.

    2. The Wera 1/4″ drive ratchet… it’s a ratchet nothing gimmicky about it…

    3. Yes A Gimmick is a novel device, or as I would say tricks people who don’t need it into thinking they do.

    4. I was thinking the same thing, with one exception. Those Sealey flare nut wrenches are great. I used one that a buddy had in his tool box. WAY better than the normal open end flare wrench.

    5. tite reach had issues of breaking arms or something, the wera is for the hipsters, that don’t know better

    1. Eric sin.
      Ha ha yeah, no amount of fancy spanner work is gunna help him there!

  6. Most of this stuff is for people that has no idea it’s a joke

    1. i disagree but i know why you think so …..the right tool for the right job 😉

      the Tekton is something we got in Germany since decades, the Kraftwerk Cube is kinda a joke??
      The Würth Nut Buddy is fucking overpriced but when you worked with one ….Ohhhh boy its friggin amazing

      The Sealeay Flare wrench looks very usefull on rusted brakelines –>going to test them soon

      Crescent Multi(Fail) Tool ……..yeah sure i rather buy Beer

      Gedore Gripwrench , very usefull when you have the space for the tool and the bolt/nut is rustet or rounded …otherwise, its fucking overpriced

      Wera Zyklop ———>using it since a while< ------ worth your money! take the push through ->less comfort but the tourque they can handle is insane. Ive tried to brake my 1/2 during the Warranty periode ……NOPE they wont fucking brake down + you can rebuild them if needed

      the Hexforce is something …….well the video is pointless, any close wrench can do that

    2. Cultus Mechanicus . I have been a diesel mechanic for over 30 years. I will only use snap on tools.yes the right tool for the right job. I can’t adjust Mack truck valves with cheap tools . I won’t .. but that’s just my own feelings.

  7. I had the idea for that „tite-reach“ wrench long ago. My design idea is still superior.

    1. They have been being used in industry for assembly forever, someone just made a cheap one for the public. And it looks, cheap.

    2. Superior ideas might as well be superior turds if you don’t have the ambition to make it in to something, the other guy is living his dream because he did something about it.

    3. Derrick Hodges Sir, my drive has been spent building other business ventures. Just because I didn’t act on my idea doesn’t mean I lack drive. I’ve been successful in what I have pursued.

  8. 8:52 who ever uses a 1/4 ratchet to break wheel nuts/bolts should be slapped upside the head -.- waste of a good tool. Hes lucky his ratchet didnt break and/or his wheel didnt fall off from loose lugs since he was able to break it loose without breaking the ratchet.

  9. Most of these are gimmicks fueled by m a r k e t i n g w a n k

    1. I“m from the 1800s, and a torque wrench is pretty amazing

  10. The only tool that wasn’t garbage or a complete gimmick would be the wera 1/4″ drive bit ratchet.

    Other than that all of this is just cheap garbage , especially if they don’t list the Coo.

    Btw that Gedore thing was probably the worst of all, I’ve got some old Gedore tools and they’re the shittiest made in INDIA garbage you’ll ever see.
    They’re like dollar store quality.

    None of this was really amazing because they’re basically all cheapo import tools.

  11. meh it’s like a list of modern rejected Crapsman tools lol

  12. Those locking pliers are useless, just use a regular pair if its that rounded off

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