Wow! 5 AMAZING Tools You Need To Have Home

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5 Awesome DIY woodworking tools You should have home

Roofus – igg.me/at/roofus
Hultafors – Nail puller Atle – www.hultafors.com
Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig – www.rockler.com
Woodpeckers MT Doweling Jig – www.woodpeck.com
MLCS Woodworking Dovetail Jig – www.mlcswoodworking.com

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  1. I do everything the roofs does with my Swanson speed square

    1. Liam Burke. Maybe but the Swanson costs $ 7.oo. retail or $3.oo at a yard sale. While the fancy ,new & shiney Rofs costs
      $ 49.95 + tax & shipping! Just imagine how good you’ll feel contributing to the economy of anywhere but here.
      Oh by the way I can do exactly the same rafter lay-outs using the framing square you passed on at the yard sale in favor of that Swanson & I only paid $ 1.00 for it.
      Funny stuff

    2. Andrew Porter Actually I didn’t pay for my speed square. I found it on the road when I was a kid and have used the same one ever since.

    3. And the Egyptians made the pyramids without a speed square.

  2. I’m not convinced of the geometry of that nail puller.  Should be a semi-circular rocker arm.  That dove tail thingy gives me wood… working cravings.

    1. DukeLaCrosse20 the nail follows a semi circle as the arm acts as a fixed radius. Are you stupid.

    2. Haha.  You demonstrated that you are.  I don’t care what the path of the nail is, I care about the leverage. Why do you think hammers have curved claws?  Semi-circular curved claws.

    3. Actually the claws aren’t ’semi-circular‘ as that would entail that the full arc of the claw would equate out to 180 degrees. Not sure what hammer(s) you use but none of mine have a full 180 degree claw. They have a radius but nowhere near 180 and therefore NOT a semi-circle. It is this way for a reason.
      If it were a true semi-circle than at a certain point you’re no longer pulling the nail up and out as efficiently. Your withdraw angle changes severely and you’re forced to put in more work to fully extract the nail.

  3. Just went looking for this, Woodpeckers MT Doweling Jig – http://www.woodpeck.com. Well, if you can find one and you need it by it, Woodpeckers MT Doweling Jig was retired and aparently not made after 1/11/16. Seems to me Woodpecker wants you to buy on their schedule, not yours.

    1. Roy Clemen most of the tools here can either be made yourself or aren’t needed.

    2. Yeah I know. Just posted so people who wanted some of the tools would know many were limited time offers.

  4. 5 tools you need at home because I do this sort of stuff every day

  5. Techno music is the worst. Too bad you screwed up an otherwise good video with it. Stopped watching.

    1. There are actually believe it or not whats called volume knobs or features. Even takes all of sound

    2. Old yeller 77 maybe you should not play with tools, if a simple volume knob is to much for you lol

    3. music is generally just a distraction,,, adds nothing in the way of information

    4. I’m glad you mentioned that. cause I saw the thumbnail and came here to check on the music and give my opinion instead of watching the video for what it’s for.

  6. tough crowd, you people will rag on anything won’t you. Lol.

  7. That nail pulling tool is useless if it causes that much damage to the surrounding wood.

  8. The nail puller is ridiculous. It takes way too long to pull and then it damages the Wood pretty bad. These are dumb.

  9. これは凄いアイディア商品だ!! 欲しいな~!!

  10. If you can’t use a speed square or framing square you might be in the wrong line of work

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