Lindsey Stirling

Zelda Violin Duet- Lindsey Stirling

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  1. You should apply for the Nintendo Orchestra! All of that talent for the measly price of yoyr SOUL! MUAHAHAHAHA no really you should!

  2. Somebody buy her a Super Nintendo and a copy of Link To The Past so she feels obligated to play it. That soundtrack trumps Ocarina Of Time’s.

  3. I really looove your version of Zelda! You made zelda look soo much cooler haha.
    Ofc i had to buy the sheet music, I was so excited when I got it and it’s so fun to play! 🙂

    1. she dressed up as Link….. Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule, Link is the male Timeless Hero (just saying in case you didnt know the characters)

    2. +keelen6 She has a video where she dresses up as Zelda.

    1. She doesn’t have a sister she duplicated herself tricks computer

    2. +Cindy Almeida and i thought i never saw a mistake in this video 😮

  4. Some may say she’s playing with herself

    I’m so sorry I had to

    1. iClark nerd humor at its finest if you ask me. And I ask what is wrong with it (at least in this video lol)?

  5. Ha..Favourite Song from my Favourite Game, Uploaded By my Favourite Musician on My Birthday….

  6. OOOOOOH! The Lindsey on the left has a head phone on (our view) her right ear! This allowed her to hear her previous recording of the different part so she can be in time with it! That’s so cool!

    1. I initially thought that it was intended so the violin wont damage her hearing in the left ear xD Nice catch, didnt think of that 😀

    2. Actually, it appears the right version does too, which would make more sense, as the left version is the lead. The backup generally needs to keep up with the lead, not the other way around. Either way, I would not have noticed either had you not mentioned it, good eyes.

    3. It can’t be done without headphones or another guide. I think Lindsey was listening to a metronome for both parts.

  7. It seems she’s so used to dancing around with her violin she just has to move while playing it!

    1. That term was coined after this comment was originally posted

    2. It’s the music u just have a desire to dance in rhythm to it.

  8. What’s better than Lindsey Stirling? 2 Lindsey Stirlings!

    1. I know right, I kept grabbing my arm to make sure I was still alive! if that’s what waiting for me beyond the light I’ll trip over myself running through it

    2. *What’s better than Lindsey Stirling?* Taylor Davis is. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

  9. So…. gotta ask… which one’s evil? I’m guessing the one with a vest. So much more sinister than a sweater. Or maybe that’s what we’re SUPPOSED to think… (cue twilight zone music here.)

    1. i think its the one in the waistcoat did you see the dirty looks she was giving the one in the cardigan ooh if looks could kill

    2. I don’t know the twilight zone music so I’ll just cue the X files theme.

  10. this is awesome, but I think she should do a medley with Undertale’s soundtrack

    1. Taylor Davis has recently covered Megalovania and Bonetrousle, and I think she’s as good as Lindsey.

    1. Taylor Davis is too skilled for Lindsey. Lindsey would sound too bad in comparison. Her technique isn’t the greatest. Mostly because she is always moving around.

    2. I think she did. Wasn’t it the Final Fantasy medley, no?

  11. I grew up on NES and Zelda was my game. Just about 22 years old, my roommate found a „system“ with Zelda pre-loaded, and we broke out the guide book, and start to finish played in about 27 hours (no sleep, beer, games, not a good mix but we had fun, then crashed.) To hear this, well, I can only say, wow!

  12. I remember the first time I saw this i thought she has a twin. This is like 6 years ago . XD

    1. +Minclu No 6 years ago that means that in 2010 I saw it the first time xD

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